Nylextra Hybrid

I use Nylextra Hybrid Fiberglass imported from Sanded Australia. After testing it out on a few of my personal boards, I can say it is very strong and does not add any extra weight. I usually laminate my personal boards with just a single layer of 4 oz. cloth on the deck and I’ve noticed with using the Nylextra Hybrid cloth, especially the Basalt Hybrid, along with epoxy resin, my boards do not get deck pressures as easily and still has a natural flex and feel. Stay tuned for some other projects I am working on using Nylextra. Mahalo to John at Sanded Australia!


Nylextra Hybrid

Nylextra Hybrid Nylextra Hybrid Nylextra Hybrid Basalt Nylextra Hybrid Nylextra Hybrid

Nylextra Hybrid is an Australian made surfboard skin with Nylextra fibre running vertically (length ways) through E glass fibreglass.  This helps minimise shattering and strengthens against impacts on the board.

Hybrid Fabrics are reinforcements that combine two or more different fibres in a common matrix, expanding the range of properties that can be achieved.

Nylextra Hybrid cloth enhances the effective properties of surfboards giving strengthen without reducing the natural flex performance of a board.

Nylextra Basalt Nylextra Hybrid